Gary Watson

Gary has extensive pan-African experience and leads the Centre for Cultural Intelligence. With family in both South Africa and Nigeria he is a frequent visitor to West Africa. He is an ex-banker and was previously the Managing Director of the East Africa business of African Alliance.


Since leaving financial services Gary completed a masters in organisational psychology and has spearheaded research and development into cultural intelligence and culturally intelligent leadership across the region. He is the author of several articles on this topic and currently writing his first book,

'Chief Culture Officer' ™ .



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Founder / MD of Deshun Deysel & Associates

Deshun Deysel

Business Development at Deshun Deysel & Associates

Jeremy Deysel

Sarah Warungongo

Hylton Gudmanz

Jonathan Man

As the first black woman to climb Mount Everest, Deshun fulfilled her childhood dream. Today, she sees climbing mountains as a metaphor for making the impossible possible. Deshun believes that this philosophy of mountain-climbing is very relevant to Africa and uses it as a lesson to help individuals to overcome some of the adversity they may face as people and nations.

Sarah is a qualified executive coach, known for adopting a progressive approach to problem-solving. Her greatest triumphs have been in the areas of change management, communication, confidence building, managing conflict, assertiveness, emotional intelligence, personal presence & leadership, career/role transitions and creating high performing teams.

Hylton has a background in multi-cultural integration and reconciliation, enabling him to coach executives, middle managers and front line leaders. He has 15 years’ experience in creative direction, diversity management, brand management, conflict resolution, strategic team alignment, culture change and facilitation – in South Africa, Lesotho, Mauritius, Kenya and Iran.

Jonathan Man his career working internationally for 6 years as an officer in the British Army. After completing a masters degree he then spent 14 years in consulting working in advisory roles across sectors, most recently with Booz & Co and Deloitte. He specialises in helping organizations work through major change and has experience in major program delivery, organisational development and leadership.

Jeremy oversees the company’s strategic direction and guide its growth, with experience obtained from years of working in South African Local Government. He became a member of the Management team responsible for establishment of Pikitup, and was  communications officer and subsequently Manager within the Office of the Managing Director. Also joined the Intelligence Transfer Centre as manager. Jeremy is National Access Officer of the National Council for Persons with Physical Disabilities in South Africa.


Youth Associates

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Bianca Nation

Thokoza Mjo

Deshun Deysel

Thandi Mxongo

Konzaphi Hlongwane


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