Our strategic focus

Corporate Leadership

Equipping 21st century corporate leaders with additional critical skills

Executive Coaching   I   Motivation

Leadership  I  Mentorship.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Equipping emerging business leaders with practical and applicable techniques for effective leadership

Leadership  I  Motivation  I Coaching  I Training

Youth Development

Developing & equipping youth with critical skills

for 21st century leadership

Motivation  I  Life skills  I  Leadership  I  Mentorship.

Women in Leadership

Equipping women for dynamic leadership in

the 21st century

Leadership Surveys  I  Strategy  I  Negotiation

Coaching  I  Personal Brand Execution


Deshun Deysel & Associates was established in 2006 with the distinct aim of bringing practical & customised personal development training to groups. It does so by using Deshun's experiences as a trainer and high altitude mountaineer. Our team of experts have a broad range of international experience in leadership and performance improvement. The business' unique product offering include the following trademarked products:


The Peak Performance ToolkitTM - 5 Areas of Effectiveness© for personal and career success.

Imprints in the SnowTM - Patterns of leading/Patterns of following.

Tackling the SummitTM - Climbing Strategies for teams


We operate professionally and passionately in all 3 focus areas. Our tailor-made solutions ensure that our clients get the best intervention at the best value. Through continuous research and development, we strive to bring best practice and a world-class experience to all.

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